Referral Hopper helps you manage and grow your business referral network

Referral Network Members

Build Your Network

Grow your business referral network by inviting like minded professionals from your community to share referrals.

Easily Manage Your Group Referrals

Send, Receive and Track referrals between group members. Manage readiness, set statuses and manage referral revenues.

Referral Network Referrals
Referral Network Notifications

Real-Time Referral Notifications

Whenever a referral is sent, or the status is updated, members receive an email notification and text message alerting them.

Manage 1-to-1 Meetings

Setup 1-to-1 meetings with other group members. Track 1-to-1 group meetings within your group.

Referral Network 1-to-1 Meetings
Referral Network Meetings

Referral Meetings

Setup group meetings either individually, or create future meetings using our batch meeting creation. Choose frequency, day of the week, time and location.

You can also set a meeting link, add keynote speaker, add a meeting photo, add meeting notes and set a meeting as after-hours.

Build Custom Member Applications

Create your own customizable membership application. Add as many fields as you like. You can even add the membership application to your website using our web snippets feature.

Referral Network Membership Applications
Referral Network Guests

Invite Guests

Send potential guest invitaions. You can track RSVP's, and guest attendance. If a guest attends one of your meetings and wants to join, you can easily convert them to a group member with a few simple clicks.

Group Leaders and Badges

Display our fun points system and leader board to create a friendly competition among group members.

You can customize the points awarded and whether or not to use the points awarded.

Referral Network Badges
Referral Network Reporting

Detailed Reporting

Get real-time reporting on group activity, attendance, guests, referrals and group revenue. You can also print and export reports.

SMS/Text Integration

Text message alerts for referrals, status updates and meeting reminders are sent automatically. You can evn send custom text messages to individual members or the entire group.

Referral Network SMS Text Messages
Referral Network Group Webpage

Group Web Page

Every group account comes with a full featured web page. The group web page list all members with a link to the members profile, a contact form, upcoming meeting calendar and membership application.

Members Profile Page

Every user account comes with a full featured web page. The profile web page list all members details and a contact form.

Referral Network Member Profile Page
Referral Network Payments

Member Payment Integration

Take payments from your group web page. At this time we only support Stripe.

Plus plenty of other features!

  • File management. Upload files and display them on your group web page
  • Manage business categories. Create your own business categories.
  • Web snippets. Add portions of Referral Hopper to your website.
  • Member subscriptions. Create your own customized membership plans.
  • Member video intros. Members can upload video introductions that display on their profile page.
  • Export members list. Easily download a list of your members with contact details.
  • Track membership dues. Keep track of which members are up-to-date on their membership dues.
  • Chapter Capabilities. Seperate your meetings and members into chapters.
  • Google Calendar Integration. Add your meetings to Google Calendars with one simple click.