Referral Tracking

If you are looking for an easy-to-use platform to manage your business network, look no further. Referral Hopper is a comprehensive system built by referral groups for referral groups.

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Track Referral Funnels

See which members are generating the most referrals and where referrals are coming from.

Group Meetings

Plan group meetings, send meeting notifications, auto-generate future meetings.

Real-Time Notifications

Email and text notifications are sent during critical events, such as adding referrals and updating referral statuses.


Increase Your Productivity with Referral Hopper

Gone are the days of tracking referrals with pen and paper. With Referral Hopper you can easily track your business group with pen point precision.

  • See the referrals being generated, and which members are generating the most leads.
  • Members are notified when a referral is sent to them via email and text.
  • Referral partners are notified when a referral status is updated.
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Referral Tracking for Business Networking Groups

As a referral group, you need to have a real-time view of how your network of members are performing. Referral Hopper gives you access to numerous tools to manage your group with ease.

Referral Tracking for Business Networking

Public Group and Member Profile Pages

A public group and member profile page is included with all of our plans.

Referral Tracking Profile Page

No Website, No Problem

Send members and potential members to your public group page. This page includes a description, location, member list and upcoming meetings with locations and times. A contact form is included so that visitors can contact you.

Membership Profile Page

Each group member has a public profile page, that allows visitors to send them referrals or contact them. This is a great way for members to increase their engagement and market the networking group.

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